Jack's Drift

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About The Author

J. Wilfred Cahill is a Real Estate Broker, Furniture Maker, Fly Fisherman, Fly Tier and Author living in Southwest Colorado with his family, above the banks of the historic Uncompahgre River. Cahill has been a pipe liner, laying oil field pipe lines across the country,  a ladies shoe salesman, for a fashionable department store in Duluth Minnesota while attending college, a Good Humor ice cream truck driver during summer college break,  an offshore marine construction rigger building drilling platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, and a banker with Barclays Bank New York City, before hitchhiking his way to Aspen Colorado in the early 1970's. He spends his time operating his Real Estate and Property Management Company in and around Aspen, Colorado, wood working, gardening, and chasing his toddling grandson. And of course fishing with Jack.