Jack's Drift

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“Jack's Drift Captures the essence of a fishing life.” 
Redding Record Searchlight – Redding California

   "The book is a fantastic work in defining life in a most descriptive fashion as fly fishing being the catalyst for all the events so described in the pages of this work. The author has gone through the labor of describing what it is really like to live the life so many have always longed for. It is not a book about where to go fishing, nor is it a book on how to fish.  It is rather a definition of the life and travels through the years. Hardly ever such writings are ever presented in such enjoyable accuracy.  

             The author relives in his writing perhaps, the times anglers shared with their fathers.  He describes in effective detail the various fishing environments.  This book takes me back to the memories when my Father helped me cast a fly across Hobble Creek in the Wasatch Mountains where I caught my first trout, a beautiful cutthroat.  My father too, was a great fly fisherman who was a master of streams like Provo River, The Diamond Fork, Nebo Creek and many others.

            I could relate the writing through the book to my drift with my father until he unfortunately met an early death during World War II.  He did not leave before I had learned the drift somewhat about fly fishing and all the similarities found in this book.  The author, as I indicated, has brought about the truth that “there is much more to fishing than fish”.  Small details in the course of adventure, love, fatherly attachment, and truth make this a fine writing. Two thumbs up and tight lines."
John Clayson Spencer - Northern California Fishing News

"Cahill will have you laughing and crying in the same paragraph.”
Malcolm R. Smith – Aviator/Author

            "I'm told publishers really aren't interested in the old "me andJoe" fishing stories we all grew up with. You know, the ones featured as well in Field and Stream and Sports Afield. We learned most of what we knew about outdoor sports from
those stories. I don't read those magazines anymore; I suppose I get whatever fishing adventures I need from reading the Bulletin Board reports on Fly Anglers OnLine.There are a couple exceptions to that, I do read books, in fact I just finished Death of a Riverkeeper by the late Ernest Schwiebert – really a modern classic, which if you are fighting cabin fever will surely transport you away from that rut.
Another exception appeared in our mailbox recently. To be fair, the author, J.Wilfred Cahill did send me an email asking if I'd like to read it and I agreed. I don't want to spoil the fun of discovery for you, but let me say the book is true stories of a life fly fishing with Dad and assorted friends. There are lots of fun stories and real characters (some perhaps familiar to all fly fishers.) On occasion there were bears involved in the stories as well. Not out of place, especially keeping in mind where they were fishing. I honestly don't know of anyone writing today who
could do a better or more entertaining account of those adventures. Dad, who is the "Jack" in this series of stories, has an endearing habit of giving everyone he comes in contact with a nickname. This provides the author, with a nearly endless cast
of characters who can be pretty well identified to their positions in the stories just by the nickname they were assigned. There also is a goodly amount of excellent play-byplayfly fishing and you have a good read. All in all it's very entertaining."

Deanna Travis - Publisher - Fly Anglers Online.

My long-time dear buddy, Johnny Cahill, has his latest book out. It just may be his best ever. Though from its cover it appears to be a book on fishing, in truth it is so much more; a genuinely captivating adventure into the human experience. Especially noteworthy for me are the personal relationships that Cahill develops as the pages roll by, from father and son to son (become a father) and daughter, plus all the wildly colorful characters Johnny encounters en route. Buy it! Read it! And you'll love it.
Barry McWilliams
Author / Syndicated Cartoonist – Creator/Publisher - JP Doodles Cartoons

"Jack's Drift is a wondrously funny fifty-year search for the big one. It's a glorious quest full
of stampeding fishing Germans, wily fishing snakes and loyal fishing Weimaraners. Cahill makes it lively and magical and meaningful."
M. Garret - Amazon Reviewer

"This book is about fishing, BUT much more! It takes you from childhood lessons to today’s

dreams. It will make you want to go out and "smell the roses", I mean fish!"
Fish Lips - Amazon Reviewer

"For anyone who has experienced the wonder of a rainbow rising to take a fly, this book is for you. For anyone who has not, you'll enjoy it as well. The experienced fisherman will relate to the stories with remembrances of their own. The inexperienced fisherman will be entertained by the cleaver writing and find themselves laughing out loud at some of the situations Mr. Cahill presents through out. Get this book--it's great!"

JD Denson - Amazon Reviewer

Jack's Drift is a heart lifting, informative, lessons to be learned book about life through the eyes of a fisherman. The tales of a boy, then man, fishing with his father are passionately descriptive without being wordy. Written so that you feel yourself being there with them at the venues. It is not necessary to be a fisherperson to find pure enjoyment in reading this book. This is no more a strictly fishing book than is the book The River Why. One quote from the book that stood out as to lessons to learn - while watching a snake fish, yes a snake, Cahill wrote "I am still amazed at what you can see if you just stop and look". I'm very pleased that I stopped and looked at Jack's Drift.
Sheilah - Amazon Reviewer

I'm not a fisherman. Yet, I was totally immersed in Cahill's story. For sure, Cahill is an avid angler and I learned much about the allure of fly fishing, but his often funny fishing exploits really serve as the backdrop for a journey about life, love, and friendship. J.Wilfred's writing effortlessly carries you along with him to a place that touches you deep inside. Thanks, J. Wilfred. I thoroughly enjoyed it
Dennis Brennan - Author / Amazon Reviewer